Electromagnetic Compatibility Tutorial
EMCT: Electromagnetic Compatibility Tutorial®; is a powerful educational learning tool for both professionals and students who are interested in expanding their EMC engineering knowledge and abilities in design developments of “real systems-products”. EMCT is an interactive CD-ROM, authored by Mr. King and published-produced by Elliott Laboratories, which combines the best of classroom instruction, a seminar, and a reference textbook into one convenient and extremely effective teaching medium. EMCT has passed the IEEE Peer Review Process, providing confidence that the instruction provided meets the highest professional standards.

The EMCT CD-ROM contains four complete instructional modules with over 1200 display screens, packed with information, high quality graphics and multimedia instructions. The modules are:

  • Introduction to EMC (a mini-module relating the basic concepts) ;
  • Propagation (from circuit devices, circuit boards, and coupling to chassis);
  • Design (and integration of multi-card products, back-planes, and card cages);
  • Shielding (methodologies and applications including perforated & waveguide arrays, slots, partitioned circuit board modules, and cables)
LEARN from W. Michael King
Reap the benefits of a lifetime of learning, experience, and application of EMC engineering principles that have been applied in more situations than most engineers would ever hope to encounter. William Michael King is one of the acknowledged pioneers and masters of EMC. He has been immersed in the EMC field for over 42 years and has worked on more than 1,000 successful designs for more than 400 clients worldwide.
What do Experts say?

Howard Johnson, Ph.D. in his 01/24/02 EDN article “Not All EMC Engineers are Bald” wrote:

“……Let me tell you about a CD-ROM tutorial I saw this week that flipped my bits. The CD-ROM is written by my favorite EMC guru, W. Michael King …….If you can’t get King to personally train you, the next best thing is thing is to check out his CDROM …. EMCT Tutorial is a very high-quality offering."

EMC is a complex subject. In EMCT, W. Michael King masterfully weaves the concepts of EMC into a powerful understanding of complex systems—one simple layer at a time—through a teaching method that is both conceptual and intuitive. Throughout the tutorial, the student is provided with numerous design examples and specific design rules, while not just blindly learning the rules but the concepts behind the rules themselves. By learning the concepts as applied to actual examples, the viewer will learn when, how, and where to apply the rules effectively!
To learn more about EMCT—the powerful teaching tool—click on the link below to access the EMCT site and download the detailed brochure in .pdf format. Demonstration mini-CD-ROMS are available though the link below (including a version with a voice-narrated tour of the program), or by contacting the author, W. Michael King, directly.
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